Strategic Advisory

The assumption of the strategic decision to promote an investment property, also also in order to diversification the characteristic activities, must be structured on a careful analysis of the characteristics and potential of the assets of interest. In particular, the complexity of the real estate sector requires, to develop investments from measurable and reasonably certifiable profitability, the acquisition of fundamental information to be analyzed and managed through certain instruments:

Identification of the methods for implementing the intervention

Technical due diligence, plant engineering, construction, urban planning, legislation and legal

Documentary verification (town planning, land registry and building checks)

Verification between use destinations and related economic / financial planning

Identification and evaluation of development objectives

Identification of the project approval procedure and how to implement the intervention

Definition of standards and procedures

Definition of budget and spending limits

Technical-economic feasibility studies and financial sustainability

Synthetic analysis of economic sustainability
(profitability indices and assessment of the economic
and financial balance)

Estimation of the structure of construction costs and ancillary costs

Maximum estimate of the revenue structure
(sale, lease, management of public properties under concession,
other sources of revenue)

Analysis of intervention funding techniques


Building & Architecture

RAUM Engineering believes that the development of a project is essential to know all the phases of the process in which design plays a fundamental role in building a piece of the world around us.

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Urban Design

RAUM Engineering supports its customers in the complex processes of transformation and urban regeneration under development. We operate on articulated interventions that are rapidly changing the urban landscape, both at the local and urban and territorial scale.

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